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We're closed.

I don’t take this decision lightly, but after many months of deliberation and trial and error, I’ve made the decision to close Suspension Experts, following a great 4 years of helping thousands of sellers.


The main reason I’m led to this decision is that I’m no longer helping sellers. Amazon have changed their processes, stringency and seller performance behaviours greatly over the last few years, but last few months especially.


My service has become very difficult to deliver as the appeal process has become very unfair, un-rational and often results in no reply from Seller Performance. I can’t, in my own conscience, sell a service entirely dependant on Seller Performance’s decision making. When they’re bad, I’m bad - and I won’t accept disappointing my clients any longer. Furthermore, my competition still claim to have 100% success rates and to be able to open accounts with ease - I know this to be untrue.


I’m aware that many of you have received helpful support, been reinstated and will seek my support in the future, however, the percentage of cases that result in reinstatement are significantly lower than they were historically. I can’t continue to offer a service that’s not delivering the best and giving sellers the best chance possible.


The good news is that I’ve taken a step back and reviewed the entire Amazon Seller landscape and it’s time for a change. I’m utilising the expertise I’ve gained in suspensions, paring it with experience working in due diligence audits for banks lending money to Amazon Sellers to offer you a truly rigorous and in-depth service designed to stop the fear of suspension.


Introducing, Amazon-Compliance.com - Compliance Audits for Amazon Sellers. Helping Sellers on Amazon to spot violations, understand their responsibilities and comply with policy. Say Goodbye To Suspension. Our audit reports include over 70 areas of compliance including: General Policy, Product Guidelines, Customer Service Performance, Shipping Performance, Product Policy Compliance, Return Reports & Beta Programs

Thank you for your understanding, I hope you’ll support me in this new endeavour.



Joshua Price