The Truth About My Industry 

Hi, I’m Joshua Price. I’m an Amazon suspension expert, I help online sellers who get into trouble for breaking policy or performance rules. I write custom appeal letters for their situation to try and get them reinstated, selling again.


I used to work for a successful Amazon seller and when we were suspended in 2014, I was tasked with researching the issue and getting our accounts back online. I poured through every possible bit of information and printed and read all of Amazon’s policies, over 100 pages of policy.

I wrote a few letters and our account was reinstated within an hour. News spread among my bosses’ friends that I knew how to get an account back and his friends got in touch with random Canada, Italy or Japan accounts they had suspensions on.

I spotted this opportunity to offer value to sellers with my new-found knowledge and started a website offering my services and clients started to trickle in. At the time, the market was a tiny handful of service providers and were by far the largest provider. 


Not wanting the competition, David from contacted me and offered me to work with him, freelance writing appeals and handling client’s cases. After some training and work on old cases to bring my knowledge up to speed, I dove into helping clients. 


After a short while I flew to meet David and I became the sole appeal writer, handling over 100 cases a month, working my butt off! How could I do so many cases? Because good templates WORKED


The industry of appeal support didn’t exist from Amazon’s perspective and so they were not searching or expecting templates between sellers. While they always looked for repeated appeals from a single seller, it wasn’t until 2 years ago that they really clamped down on templates. So, I used to write appeal letters for every type of issue once a month, send them to clients that needed them and get their accounts back. I wrote nearly 1000 appeal letters in my time at the company and helped many, many clients.


I received copious numbers of 5* reviews on Trustpilot at the time and began to work with larger clients as my reputation increased.


I returned to operating my website because I was frustrated with not being able to give some clients the quality of appeal they really needed. While templates were working for easy cases, complex cases failed time and again without a bespoke letter. I decided I’d focus on the custom letter channel.


Skip to now and I’m considered an authority on suspension, dubbed ‘expert of experts’ after other suspension consultants would call me and pass on clients too difficult for them to handle. I’ve had the privilege of working with the largest sellers on Amazon, and I estimate I’ve reinstated 400 million dollars of account revenue.  I put my name and genuine experience public and only take cases I believe can be successful, I’m happy to give you the truth and explain everything before you buy – why do you think I have a chance of reinstatement calculator?


However, the industry seems to have let honesty pass them by. I see 10’s if not hundreds of people trying to get into the suspension industry, now they’ve seen some money. They make a website, claim they’ve done 1000’s of cases since 2013, yet don’t show their face, it’s nameless. Fake reviews are rife and testimonials as good as worthless. How can these people have the experience they claim, yet their website only arrived on the scene last week? How have I never heard of them before?


Not to mention, appeal templates do not work anymore. Yet the competition is still peddling them (even if they say they don’t), risking your future each and every time. I’ve had endless clients come to me after using another provider when they show me what they’ve been sent, it’s always a template I’ve seen before – or worse a copy of something I WROTE a few years ago (I always know).


So honestly, I’m frustrated. Not because I don’t want competition – fair competition works well for customers and keeps me on my toes. But it’s the fact that people’s livelihoods are being maliciously risked by con artists. I can’t tell you the number of late-night calls I’ve had with crying clients who can’t afford the mortgage this month because of the suspension. Their children, their dreams – all affected by suspension. I’m a human, how can I not try my best for them, actually give them the service they deserve? Compassion fatigue aside, I sincerely care about my clients and will reject your money if it’s not going to achieve anything.


So, this is my plea to you, not to buy my services, but not to fall victim to a template bashing, faceless liars who don't really know what to do with a suspension. 

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