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Understanding Amazon Suspension

What can you get suspended for?

Amazon suspended for three reasons: Policy, Performance or Deception. Amazon's terms and conditions / policies are lengthily and you could be suspended for violating any aspect of them.


Common Policy suspensions include:

Inauthentic / counterfeit items, intellectual property (IP) infringement, forged or manipulated invoices, abuse of various detail page or listing functions etc.

Common Performance suspensions include:

Order defect rate (ODR), on-time delivery, late dispatch, cancellation rate, refund rate, customer service

Deception issues are varied and include fraud, black hat behaviour and illegal activity.

Who suspended my account?

Most suspensions are caused by algorithms and 'bots' using data from sales, behaviour, metrics and customer complaints to meet a threshold, then the account is suspended. Sometimes suspensions are caused following human investigation or review into your account. You'll normally get informed of the review prior to suspension.

Who will read my appeal/plan of action (POA)?

Contrary to popular belief, robots are not reading your appeals, however it can feel like this due to the templated responses that Seller Performance give 98% of the time. Depending on the marketplace country, a dedicated, secretive team review your account and appeals. The teams are based in the local country and around the world. It depends on lots of factors who reviews your appeal.

Do templates work?

Yes and no. Some suspensions are simple and a standard appeal, altered to not be exactly like others, will work. However, Amazon have plenty of ability to spot templates, much better than a few years ago. That's why it's always best to get a bespoke written appeal, something many companies claim to do, but don't actually. It's hard to write a bespoke letter, so it limits the number a person could write in a day. Complex issues, require the highest standard of response.

Which Amazon sellers get suspended?

All sellers get suspended, there's no protection, even for large sellers. However, Amazon are actually more lenient on smaller sellers, especially on metrics. I've worked with brand new sellers to 8-figure accounts, everyone can be suspended.

Why are you offering 'free' appeal support to your members?

I believe that all sellers should get the support they deserve. I've made a career from helping sellers with account issues and I've seen plenty of awful and amazing things happen in that time. I'm bored of seeing people ruining their businesses by appealing themselves or choosing an untrustworthy company to help them. I tried money back guarantees, lower prices etc. but eventually I've decided, if you get more than 70% on the above calculator and become a SuspensionExperts member, I'll waive the £400 fee. That's support for as little as £14.99.

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