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Support for Active & Suspended Amazon Sellers
"It's like health insurance, but for your Amazon account"

- Michael Veazey, Amazing FBA

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Simple Case Management Interface

We've teamed up with to bring the best solution for managing workload to you! 

All members receive access to this system, giving you instant access to:

  • Create new cases, assign to your preferred team member and set priority

  • Monitor progress and get notified of changes

  • Receive and send documents, appeal letters and more

  • Upload correspondence, invoices and documents to one shared location

  • Invite other members of your organisation to join the account, so everyone can enter new cases and see progress





Unlimited Suspension Support

Unlimited Blocked ASIN Support

Quarterly Account Review (1 Hour)

Access to Case Management Software

Expert Support via Email

Regular Advice & Guidance

24 Hour Response Times


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes! Your joining fee is non-refundable, but you can cancel all future monthly payments anytime and leave the service. You could be reinstated and then cancel our subscription, meaning you'd have only paid $99. Saving you $500 compared to our competitors!

What counts as 1 account?

1 Account is 1 country Amazon account, such as If you sell on multiple sites, you need multiple subscriptions or our 5 account package.

How can I get support with my current suspension?

If you are currently suspended join the membership and we will support you with your current suspension! That easy. Follow the instructions after joining to submit your issue and receive appeal letters and help.

Why is this so much cheaper than other service providers?

Instead of a high one-off fee for support, we've made it a low cost subscription. We hope that after we help reinstate your account, you'll stay subscribed to help prevent future suspensions. This helps recoup the cost.

What is the account review?

Our reviews are professional assessments of your chance of getting suspended. They analyse the risk of suspension and provide recommendations on how you could avoid suspension. In addition, they provide an opportunity to discuss your account with an expert.

Which Amazon sellers get suspended?

All sellers get suspended, there's no protection, even for large sellers. However, Amazon are actually more lenient on smaller sellers, especially on metrics. I've worked with brand new sellers to 8-figure accounts, everyone can be suspended. If you currently are suspended, or just want to be prepared, become a Suspension Experts Member today.

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