• Joshua Price

Business Lessons from Taylor Swift & my New iMac Pro

I was watching an old video of Taylor Swift in the studio, writing songs (my guilty pleasure!). There were maybe 15 keyboards in 3 layers on one wall and endless guitars on the other. Taylor, Shellback & Max Martin are jumping all over the place, playing different keyboards, trying to find the right sound. Want some synth bass? It’s setup, ready to go, playing straight into Logic. The barrier between what they’re trying to achieve and achieving it is non-existent.

For me, it’s that same accessibility and lack of barrier which is the reason for the new Apple based investment. I’ve been on Mac from the day I first started my business. I borrowed £1k to buy my first one, I built my first website and served a few hundred clients from that machine. Years later, despite having the highest spec MacBook Pro. I’m just invested £5,000 into a desktop. I’ve a 27inch 5K display with an excess of RAM, processor cores & 8Gb of graphics card. If you’re a geek like me, that’s pretty cool. Especially when I think back to the first computer I ever had, which I built with 512mb of RAM!?

Anyway, the point is that no matter the video, website, image, spreadsheet or software - I have it, can use it and I’m done before the idea’s even left mine or a client’s mouth. I have a router that runs off a SIM card and has a 25m cable waterproof antenna so I can get internet anywhere in the world, long after Wifi and my phone have given up. It’s all for the primary purpose: achieving my business tasks and goals quickly and effectively without the interruption or annoyance of failing tools.

Maybe you have a similar mentality, or you don’t. But I think it’s clear this method is effective. It’s used by creatives in all disciplines from live broadcast & filmmakers to chefs and musicians. We apply this mentality of preparedness to STUFF lots.

Why don’t we do it with knowledge? Expertise? People? Are we so narcissistic as to assume we can do it all alone? Or that we can’t manage a 30sec longer load time but waiting 3 weeks for specialist advice is acceptable. Incorrect. Regardless of if you are facing problems in business, your next big idea or a sudden opportunity; the ability to execute and take action instantly is unbelievably important. The key is all in the readiness.

For me, the relationship with my clients, the familiarity and their accessibility to me makes a big difference when it comes to resolving Amazon account issues and protecting their revenue. The same applies in my strategy consulting work, where agility is a key ingredient of success in ecommerce.

I wanted to share this thought with you this week. If you’ve not thought about how you can setup to be prepared for quick reactions or effectively execute your creative vision unhindered - I hope this will give you time to think about it. For those prepared, have you considered the people that surround you and your business, not just the material assets? 

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Have a great week!


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